Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Casual Cards XXXVII : Dave Butz

Casual Cards XXXVII - Dave Butz 1981 Topps #276

This card will rekindle childhood memories to a few I'm sure, a little before my time. The Classic Topps design.

Butz was drafted 5th overall by the St Louis Cardinals in 1973.

Butz's Stats & Stuff:

2 X Super Bowl Champion - 1983 & 88 (Redskins)
1st Team All Pro - 1983
2nd Team All Pro - 1984

Games Played: 216
Sacks: 35.5
Interceptions: 2


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  1. The last year of the airbrushed helmets. The next year they had NFL logo licensing, and the world learned that, yes indeed, NFL helmets had logos (outside of Cleveland anyway).